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Sick season

I feel like I’ve been away for a long time but I know it’s been just a week. I was sick with bronchitis and in bed and had no energy to write. I came back to work on Monday after a week and I am feeling great.

I think I haven’t been very sick for a while now (touch wood), I think the last one was the one after my visit from USA (my scare thinking it as swine flu) but this time it was really bad. It started with flu and cough last weekend and it kept on getting worse with fever and aches and pains.

I have to admit I become really needy when I am sick. I want someone to be around me all the time and poor AS had his hands full looking after me. He was making sure I was resting and at the same time giving me medicine and food.

The first few days, I didn’t go to the doctor but took cold and flu medication and hoped things would go away but after 3 days in bed I finally I decided to go to the doctor. He gave me the news that I have bronchitis and I needed antibiotics. It was a bit of relief because now I knew I could be better in a few days. However, it was not as easy as I thought.

I had a hard time sleeping at nights as my body temperature went up at times and then I was all sweaty next. My body was really weak with regular coughing. After going through this for a few days, I couldn’t help but cry. Poor AS had no idea what to do, as he was tired and sleep deprived as well looking after of me.

I cried because I was sick of being sick, I cried because I wanted to be normal soon as the headache and pain was too much. I wanted to have a good night’s sleep and wake up fresh. Now if I think about it, it feels so silly but at that time I was not thinking straight.

AS would hold me in his arms and tell me that he was there for me always and I will be fine soon. He was trying to make me smile with jokes. Eventually he was successful in calming me down. I am so glad he was with me most of the time. He took a few days off work as well to make sure I was not left alone.

Being so far away from family, you wish that you had them around you when you are sick and down. I was missing my mum a lot during the whole time I was in bed sick. But I am so grateful that AS was there for me. I couldn’t imagine being sick and alone, no one to look after me and no one to talk to.

AS turned into a great chef for the whole time as well and cooked me awesome chicken soup, jaulo (the mixture of lentils and rice cooked in a pressure cooker and mainly served to sick people) for the first few days. When I was bit better he also made me Kale chips which were a great alternative for snacks. Also he prepared kale and chickpeas salad with roast chicken as well as delicious fried rice.

kale chips Kale Salad

I feel ashamed to admit that even though AS was doing his best making great food I was carving for junk food so a few days we had takeaway for dinner.

After this experience, I fully understand when they say, “Health is wealth”. Fingers crossed, I will never be sick again. Being back at work feels so go and I am happy I am getting better, not 100% yet but will get there soon.

Looks like it’s not only me who was sick; for the last few weeks, most of my friends have been sick. My poor little nephew has been sick for a while and now at work a few of my colleagues are off sick as well. So I am calling this season – sick season.

As I keep on saying every time, I hate winter and I now have one more reason to do so. I can’t wait for the next 3 more months to be over so I can relax and enjoy the outdoors again. Till then keep warm and be safe.

Take care ,

M from nepaliaustralian


Epic it is!!!

As my Facebook is filled with pictures of babies and functions related to them right now, while Skyping with my MIL yesterday, we ended up talking about babies as well. She was telling us that I and my husband are in the golden time of our life as we don’t have a baby yet so we can plan what we want. We are in the stage of our life where we don’t have family responsibilities so we should enjoy as much as we can now. Once a baby comes into the picture then we will need to plan our life around the baby. She was very supportive of our decision to go on holiday and enjoy our life. She is really understanding and practical.

Anyway during the conversation she asked if we have heard a sorry about an author of an epic. We hadn’t so she told us the story and I am sharing it with all of you.

The story begins like this.

There was a girl who was bought up by her parents in a way that she never felt she was a girl. She used do everything she loved and hung out mostly with male friends. There was no stopping her in life as she was involved in many sports and was very out going. She dressed like a boy and loved doing all the crazy things in life, she was enjoying life in full speed. As she grew up, she did well in school and college as well. She had a big social circle and she made many friends. She was active in charities as well as her social scene.

One day she fell in love with a man. After going out for some years, they decided to get married. As she was not used to cooking and cleaning, they decided to hire a maid so she could continue her life as before. Now she had her husband on her side to support her but she was still living her life as she wanted. She felt that her life was perfect and she was the happiest person in this world.

(While she was telling me this, for a moment I thought she was telling me a part of my life story in some way.)

Then one day she got pregnant.  She was well and fine in the beginning but as her tummy grew bigger, she couldn’t go out as often so she was socialising less and less. One day one of her friends called her and asked “What’s going on with your life, where are you nowadays, I don’t see you at any charity functions or any parties? You seem to have dropped off the end of the world!”. She replied, ”I am busy writing an Epic so I haven’t been able to go anywhere”. Then her friend asked her what is that about. So she replied, “I am making a baby into a man and that is the biggest epic in the world.’

I too believe this. I salute every mum in this world who goes through so much to be able to have a baby and makes sure every thing is provided for them so that they grow to be capable individuals. Definitely, motherhood is one of the most fantastic journeys whose experience is beyond comparison but it is also one of the toughest ones. Mothers do sacrifice a lot to make sure their kids are happy, healthy and thriving in life.

My biggest thanks to my mum who made so many sacrifices in her life to make sure I got the good things in life. Missing her so much. Also a big thanks to my MIL for being so great and understanding,

Hope all the mums out there had the best Mother’s day yesterday. Please do share your Mother’s day story.