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Valentine’s Day 2016

It was V day a few days ago; and I got around to doing the post a bit late.

Anyway hope all of you had a great day with your loved ones.

Valentine's day 2016 (4)

This year, it was Chhoriā€™s first V day so we made it special for her by taking a few photos. I always want her to remember this day as a happy time shared with family. I also want her to know that we love her a lot and will be there for her no matter what.

Here are some photos from the day with Chhori. I hope these photos will tell her many stories in the years to come.

Valentine's day 2016 (1) Valentine's day 2016 (2)

Also in the morning, AS made a very yummy breakfast. I have to give him A+ for his effort and the result. He made this nice round pancake with a red heart in the middle accompanied with mixed berry smoothies. It took him quite some time in the kitchen though šŸ™‚

Valentine's Day 2016 (1)

Chhori was very excited and happy about everything. When we put her in front of the breakfast tray, she was so excited that we couldnā€™t stop her from trying to grab everything.

Valentine's Day 2016 (2)

This year for Valentineā€™s we became 3 from 2 and I love it so much. Hope one day in a few years, it will be 4 from 3 and we have a complete family šŸ™‚

Valentine's day 2016 (3)

Take care everyone and hope to see you with another post very soon.

from nepaliaustralian


My Valentineā€™s Day 2015

Normally I love Valentineā€™s Day and as you know from my previous posts from past here , here and here, I plan things for the day in advance.Ā  But when you are as heavily pregnant as I am, you are not as excited about Valentineā€™s Day. All I want these days is to get a good nightā€™s rest and for baby to come to this world safely.

So when AS asked a few days ago, what I wanted to do for Valentineā€™s Day which fell on a Saturday this year, my answer was to stay home and rest. I did get my wish and lots more for sure.

I know Valentineā€™s Day doesnā€™t mean just red roses, cards, chocolates or gifts but it means love, care, hugs and affection and I am so glad to have a partner who showers me with all that and lots more.

As I told you before, I keep waking up in the middle of the night, these days and it is so hard to go back to sleep. So on the morning of 14th, I woke up early (4am) and was struggling to go back to sleep. I was so thirsty as well and to my dismay, the bottle next to my bed was empty so I woke AS and ask if he could get me some water.

What he came back with took my sleep and tiredness away and made me so happy for rest of the day. He had a bouquet of roses and a wonderful card. I am not sure how he manged it but every year he manages to surprise me and make me so happy. He makes me feel like a Princess and he is definitely the best man a woman could ever wish to have by her side.

valentine's day (3)The roses were just perfect and card was heart touching.

It read:

To You,

My Lover, Partner and Friend

on Valentine’s Day

I wish one special word

could describe

all you mean to me…

1 word that would say

parent, friend,lover

all in one

…but since a word like that

doesn’t exist.

I hope you know that

when I say “I love you”,

I mean all that and more…

because you mean

everything ti me.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Anyway after that, he made sure I was comfortable and OK and put something on the TV for me (normally this helps me go back to sleep). I must have drifted back to sleep soon after as I donā€™t know when I fall asleep.

In the morning, we had a nice home cooked breakfast and had a great-relaxed day.

valentine's day (1)This pregnancy is getting to me for sure because, by afternoon I was sleepy again so decided to take a nap. I was awakened by the nice aroma of food. I really did not know what was happening so I went to the kitchen.

My hubby was busy preparing lunch for us and he was almost done. He asked me to relax and served me homed cooked yummy lunch. It was a really great idea than going out this year for sure. The rest of the day we enjoyed each otherā€™s company. My day was so perfect that sometimes I couldnā€™t believe what I have done to deserve a husband like him. Seriously, I couldnā€™t have asked anything more.

valentine's day (2)

I fall deeper in love with him and he is definitely one of the most caring andĀ handsome manĀ that ever walked on Earth. I have to say he is the most important man in my life on this day and he always knows how to make me feel precious and beautiful and I am so blissfully happy to have found the perfect man.

Can you believe this is the last valentineā€™s day that will be between two of us only, then for rest of our life, we will have another addition to our family, our daughter to make our love even stronger,

So how was your Valentineā€™s Day? Hope you all had a blissful day too.

Take care,

MĀ from nepaliaustralian


Valentine’s day 2013

Like every year, Valentineā€™s Day, the day for love, has arrived this year as well. I am sure you know I am crazy about love from my previous posts here and here.

If you don’t know, I am telling you that I am a hopelesslyĀ romanticĀ person and my husband knows that. It isĀ notĀ that I want him to spend lots of money and spoil me rotten on this day but at the same time I don’t want not to celebrate this day like many of my friends who think it is tooĀ commercialisedĀ to care about. I know Hallmark and florists are making lots of money on this day by selling emotions but I really don’t need roses, romantic cards or heart shaped chocolateĀ to feel spoilt. Ā Simple gestures like breakfast or home-made dinner will make me super happy for sure. I will even be happy with just a big hug and cuddle.

I am really happy to have a hubby who is so caring and loving in my life. He always makes me feel very special and I am so incredibly blessed to have him as my partner and my best friend. He has endured so much, including leaving everything that he has known his entire life behind and moving to Australia just for me and that means more to me than I can express in words. I treasure the good as well as the difficult moments we have shared together.

This year, as I was still very unsettled from myĀ recentĀ holiday and with a mid-week Valentineā€™s Day weĀ didn’tĀ really planĀ whatĀ we were going to do. We just thought it will be nice to have a dinner out and that was it.

So like every other day, on 14 Feb 2013, my alarm woke me up at 6:00 am.Ā LazilyĀ I work up and went to the bathroom. I was half asleep when I came back to the room and I saw there was something on my bedside table. When I went closer, I realisedĀ that it wasĀ a bunchĀ of red roses! I turned around and he was lying there with a big smile, the smile that I fell in love with.

Valentine's day (5)

I kind of knew I would be getting some red roses that day. Normally he comes home with it in the evening. I have always told him not to spend too much onĀ Valentine’sĀ Day roses. I know that it is a big waste of money as they are super expensive that day.

Valentine's day (1)

Anyway, back to Valentine’s Day morning, I was so happy seeing the flowers that I was lost for words. All I could do was hug him tight. I don’t know how he smuggled flowers to our place the day before but he did a damn good job. Even though IĀ didn’tĀ expect this it was such a great feeling to be loved. To top it off, he told me that we were going for a massage after dinner and that was all that I had wished for.

Valentine's day (7)

I really wished it had been a day off but I needed to get out of bed to go to work. As we were going straight from work to dinner, I wore a red dress with matching red shoes.

Valentine's day (4)

Work hours felt long but finally it was time for me to meet my baby again. We met and went for dinner. We chose a low key place over big fancy ones as most of these places would be too crowded. The Thai restaurant we went to was not very busy so we were served quickly. We had Satay Chicken forĀ entrĆ©eĀ followed by some curries andĀ specialĀ fried rice for main. We skipped desert as we were going for a massage and didn’t want to be too full.

Valentine (2)

Also I had bought some really cute cupcakes for my hubby (he didn’t know I had them in the car).

Valentine's day (3)

The massage place was a few blocks walk away from the restaurant so we strolled hand in hand until we reached the place. We had been there before and AS knew I had loved it. I just love the vibe of this place because even as you walk in, you can feel very relaxed because of the ambiance and of the sweet aromas. We waited for a few minutes and it was our time toĀ relax under competent hands.

Valentine (1)

We always go for Aromatherapy Thai massage and we went for the same this time as well. As the lady massaged each part of my body; my stress reduced and my body was relaxing. I just loved the feeling you have when you get a goodĀ massage. An hour passed so quickly and we were done. But my body was thankful for every minute of the awesome massage.

We drove home and when we got to our apartment, I gave AS his Valentine’s gift; lots of mini cupcakes which were beautifully decorated with a cupid, hearts, and romantic words. He was really pleased with his cakes and enjoyed his desert. I am really happy that he loved it as itĀ tastedĀ soĀ freshĀ and soft.

Valentine's day (2)

And this is how I spent my Valentine’s day this year. Do share how yours was?

P.S I think I am more romantic than I care to admit as I justĀ realisedĀ today that I have a special category called Valentine’s day in my blog. Seriously, who does that!

I didn’t get married because I am weak

A while back when I was talking to one of my friends, she told me that people get married because they are weak. She said women who are weak and need someone to look after them get married and if you are not weak, there is no need for you to get married.

I have known this friend for over a decade and I have never seen her in a relationship and I realised why that day. But I disagree with her because I am not a weak woman. IĀ didn’tĀ get married because I need help; I am quite capable of looking after myself. I was living life my way for a long time. I got married because I fell in love with this amazing person, the one who understands me and loves me for who I am.

I am not an expert on love or marriage and I am not going to say he is my soul mate blah blah blah but I love him from my heart and that is all that matters to me right now. When we decided to get married, it seemed like the right thing to do as we were living in two different continents before that. But even if he had already been in Australia and we had to decide on marriage, I would not have decided against it.

I really believe that I and my husband are a perfect couple. We are like any other couple who have disagreement, who loves, who discuss, who argues but at the end makes up. We are like opposite poles as individuals but together are just perfect. We respect each other and enjoy each otherā€™s company. He is not just my husband but my best friend first.

I would never be this happy if I was thinking like my friends and never gave relationships a chance to prove that it is worth our effort.

And my husband proved to me that believing in him and our relation was the right thing again when he took me for a dinner and movie date for my birthday.

Another birthday celebration

First, he bought me this awesome sapphire necklace that goes perfectly with my sapphire ring he bought last year. I think he is getting better at spoiling me as the years go by :). I am so happy that he does lots of thing to make me happy.

Then we had a lovely dinner. We went to the Vietnamese restaurant near our place . We started with Special Entree Plater which had Spring rolls, Fresh spring rolls, Pork patties skewer, Chicken skewer and fish cake. Forgot to take the photos as we were too hungry :).

It was followed by main. I had Cari Ga – Chicken Curry with rice and my hubby tried Pho noodle soup with chicken. The food was nice and filling. By that time both of us were so stuffed that we decided not to order dessert.

It was followed by a movie that I had been meaning to watch for a while, Taken 2.

Taken 2 movie review

Taken 2 was an ok movie only. Definitely it was nothing like the first one where you had no expectations and it made a surprise $225 million worldwide. The first one was really great as it had some griping elements.

In Taken 2, Liam Neeson looked good despite his age and the movie was good but I think we always expect so much from the sequel that it is easy to get disappointed. I was not bored during the movie but most of it was predictable. I was a bit disappointed as I had high hopes for this movie.

Going back to my original topic, Iā€™ll admit it. I am very romantic at heart and I like the flowers, the chocolates, the walks on the beach, the sweeping off your feet gestures but that doesnā€™t make me weak. I am a strong woman who knows what she wants and is lucky enough to have a partner who respects me and understands me enough to have a relationship that makes both of us happy. Where I am weak, he has strengths and the opposite is true of my strengths where he is not. We balance each other nicely. I don’t wish to dominate my partner, nor do I want to be dominated.

What is your opinion? Do you agree with my friend or me?Ā 

The V day

Did I tell you that I am hopelessly romantic? šŸ™‚Ā 

This is our first Valentineā€™s Day as a married couple. Everyone told me that all romance dies off after a while once you get married and I am here to prove them wrong. This is what I have planned for our old age (Hope my husband reads this.)

I want to be an 80 years old grandmother with a romantic husband who comes home with roses for me on Valentineā€™s Day with a box of chocolates or a cake šŸ™‚ . Judging by what he did the day before, I am sure it will happen in the future.Ā 

Anyway the day before was Valentineā€™s Day if any of you missed that. It is still not too late to buy a rose for you partner yet. It was our second Valentineā€™s Day together as I mentioned in my previous post (Click here if you missed that). But it was our first as husband and wife (I feel so old when I remember that I am a married woman now). So when I opened my eyes in the morning, I hugged him and wished him a very happy Valentineā€™s day. It felt so nice to have him next to me.Ā  I feel so lucky to be blessed with such happiness.Ā 

So as usual, I woke up and was ready to go to the shower when he asked me to go to the kitchen and make some breakfast. Normally, our breakfast is cereal and boiled egg during weekdays so I was not in a hurry to make it. I told him I will do it after the shower and went to brush and have shower. Once I got out, again he asked me to go to the kitchen, I was planning to get ready and then I would go to the kitchen. I was a bit annoyed that he kept insisting for me to go to make breakfast but I thought I better do it.Ā 

So I just went to kitchen to boil some eggs and there it was on our dining table, a roses and a card. Thatā€™s when I got why he was asking me to go to the kitchen so early in the morning. I was really touched so I went back to the bedroom to thank him. He had this big grin on his face (like a satisfied lion) happy that he was able to surprise me. Ā The card read,Ā 

For my Wife M

On valentine day

I lose my socks

I lose my head

Sometimes I lose my waysā€¦

Iā€™d like to lose a kilo or two (but they seem here to stay)

I lose my drive to get things done

Sometimes my temper tooā€¦

But thereā€™s one thing

Iā€˜ll never lose,

And thatā€™s my love for you

Happy Valentineā€™s Day!


A (with smiley).

Every word in that card was just so true and felt like every word described our relationship so well.Ā  It made my day. The smell of the flowers was so sweet and I couldnā€™t stop smiling the whole day.Ā 

Last year we exchanged our gifts after work so I was thinking to do the same this year. I wasnā€™t prepared in the morning and I felt bad. I knew what I was going to do but I couldnā€™t risk of him finding out a day in advance. Also I have no idea how he pulled it off but I had no clue that he had bought flowers already the day before. When I asked him where he hid the flowers, he said that he canā€™t tell otherwise he wonā€™t be able to do it again.Ā 

Just to be in the spirit of Valentineā€™s Day I wore a red dress to work that day and it was nice to see some of my work mates doing the same.Ā 

I had already bought perfume for him but it was at work. I went and bought a heart-shaped cake from the bakery. They sell amazing delicious cakes so I was sure that one will be great as well.Ā 

When I gave him his gifts, he guessed it was a cake, how disappointing. Anyway he loved his cake and perfume.Ā 

It is funny that we didnā€™t go and watch the Vow as it was the Valentine movie this year. Instead we went and watched The Safe House. It was an ok movie for me as there is too much gun fight but AS loved it.Ā 

After that we went for dinner. The restaurant was full with lots of couples. To start with we had chicken and corn soup, followed by roast and seafood. They have lots of choices for salads as well. Then for desert we had chocolate mousse, cheese with crackers and fruits. Finally we had tea/coffee to wrap up our dinner. Once dinner was over, they had Vegas Spectacular show on the stage. It was just amazing with Brazilian music with show girls and guys performing. They had great audience participation and the MC was so funny. It was total entertainment. I just loved the whole act and the girls were just amazing.Ā 

After the show we danced to a few songs and it was over for the evening. As both of us were working the next day, it was time to go home to our warm bed. Overall, it was an awesome Valentineā€™s Day with my husband. Just loving him more šŸ™‚Ā