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Makka Ku

We are still celebrating our wedding after more than 1 and half years. I am still a new bride wherever I go :). While I was living at my new home a few weeks ago, my mum following tradition and sent a Makka Ku (pronounced ‘mock-ka ku’).

Makka ku is a newar tradition in which during the first winter after the wedding, the bride’s family sends some items which are necessary for winter to the groom’s home. Makka means olden style charcoal heater but these days instead of makka, electric heater is sent to keep the newlywed couple warm during the winter, along with a full set of warm clothes for the bride as well as fruits, rotis, blanket, electric heater etc.

Makka ku (1)

As we were in Sydney during our first winter, this winter was perfect time for my parents to follow the rituals for the Makka Ku.

Makka ku (5)

My aunt, my cousin along with my brother came to my new home with sweets and roti like anarsa, fini, laakhamari, ladoo, saun papdi, fruits: like oranges, mandarin, bananas, sugarcane, apples, masala: like cashew, almond and chocolates along with snow peas, yogurt, peanuts, sari, pashmina shawl, shoes, bag, electric heater and a blanket.

Makka ku (4) Makka ku (3) Makka ku (2)

It was a great day for me as I was so happy to celebrate our wedding again as this was one of the best decisions of my life and I am very happy to see both the family very happy with our union.

Makka ku (6)

It was a good time for both families to meet and chat. My family came and sat down with my MIL, AS and BIL and had a good conversation. They also checked out our wedding album which my MIL had made for the house.

Makka ku (7)

I had baked blueberry muffin that morning for tea so we started with tea and muffins and it was followed by Nepali feast for my aunt, cousin and brother. My MIL cooked the feast and I was the helper all morning in the kitchen preparing for the day.

Makka ku (8) Makka ku (9)

After lunch my family left and Makku Ku was concluded. As I told you before, in Nepalese wedding the bride is always the winner and it was true for this function as well as I got a full set of new outfit :).

For details and photos on our wedding functions please click the following links.

Life is too short

A while ago I blogged about my penpal and told you about one of my penpals named Raja Gurung who is my Facebook friend now. I was shocked to find out from his Facebook that he has passed away recently. I have no details but I am really sad to know about it.

Actually, I was shocked to read RIP messages in his Facebook wall and have no idea how to react.

As I told you before Raja was from Darjeeling, India and he was only a few years older than me. He was happily married, with two kids. I had met him a couple of times. The last time I chated with him was on Facebook which must be more than a year ago. He was telling me his plans of making a new family home and about his kids and now he is no more.

Life is short but looking around everyone seems to think that they will live forever. We spend time and money as though we will always be here. We don’t tell the ones we love how much we love them often enough because we assume there’s always tomorrow. But thinking about him now brings tears to my eyes as I know that he was a good husband and a father who loved his family a lot. But at very young age he has left this earth and his family to go far from all of us.

We think we have got forever and worry about millions of thing. We talk of killing time, passing time, and getting through the week, forgetting we are wishing away the moments that comprise our lives. We say time is money when in fact the time we have is all we have. Money can be borrowed, time can’t. We fear taking risks, unaware that the biggest risk we run in playing it safe is in fact living as long as we hope and never doing the things we dream of. And then it’s too late.

Every time someone around me dies I face the reality of life but when someone so young leave us it really makes me think harder on my choices in life because I know I may not live until tomorrow. So I am vowing to try my best not to piss anyone around me just in case. Also I want to keep my loved one close and tell them I love them a lot so that they know I will be with them even if I leave this earth before them.

I am a planner and I always plan my years in advance and it is working well for me but sometimes I wonder what will happen to my dreams if I don’t wake up tomorrow. Will my ghost haunt the earth and fulfil my dreams or will I be nothing but the ashes after cremation?

Today this is a reminder for everyone that life is short. It must, therefore, be well lived.

Update from Nepal Part 2

Meeting AS’s uncles and aunts

As I mentioned before, we had very little time after our wedding and so could not visit AS’s relatives; so during this trip we were invited for lunch or dinner at our relatives’ places.

dinner invitation (3)

One of the evenings we were invited to AS’s dad’s brother’s place and another day, at AS’s mom’s brother’s place.

dinner invitation (2)

Both the visit was fun and I got to spend some time with his relatives and of course it ended with a big feast of Nepali food. I am sure we both have put on lots of kilos on but as AS suggested we gonna ignore it while we are in Nepal as we can’t do anything about it. Everyone here thinks I am too skinny and it is their duty to fatten me up as much as possible.

We had yomari in one house which was filled with chaku (molasses) and other one with khuwa.

Lunch at my aunt’s place

One of the days, my aunt (dad’s sister) invited us along with my brother and SIL for lunch. It was fun as I got to meet my cousin’s baby again along with my other aunt and uncle as well.

dinner invitation (1)

We had jeri-swari as starter and it too ended with a big feast of Nepali dishes like goat curry, tofu curry, many vegetables, sukuti sandeko as well as laspsi ko achar.

dinner invitation (4)

Meeting AS’s niece

As I have been telling you that there are babies everywhere around me and one of the AS’s cousin’s also had a baby girl recently.

She is really cute with hazel coloured eye. It was nice to spend some time with her too.

AS niece

As my cousin, his cousin has also put on lots of weight post baby as she has to eat rice with ghee, chaku (molasses) four times a day.  Also they have someone coming to give oil massage to her and the baby in the sun every day.

Family get together

Long before we landed in Kathmandu, my MIL had decided to invite all the family (AS’s father’s side) for lunch at our place so finally we managed to pick a day where everyone was free. Family events are a bit of a pressure for a DIL as every action will be closely watched so I was a bit stressed but AS assured me that everything will go well and it did at the end.

The day before the event, my FIL and MIL did all the shopping and I and my MIL along with the helps started to prepare for the next day. There were lot to do as there was going to be 40+ people coming for lunch.


The morning of the get together, me and MIL were in the kitchen early and dishes like chana ko tarkari (Chickpea curry), cauliflower curry, goat curry, fish fried, mushroom curry, Saag (green leaves) along with dal (lentil), bhaat (rice) was ready before 11am. Also we had three different types of pickles ready to be served which were laspsi ko achar, mula (radish) ko achar and tomato achar.

By the time, the first guest arrived; all of us at home were ready to mingle. Everyone including AS’s grandparents came and the house was filled with buzzing noise in every room. Once everyone was settled then, we served lunch in batches.

family gettogether (3)

family gettogether (2)

After lunch everyone sat and talk until it was tea time and we served tea, cookies and pan fried tarul (yam).

family gettogether (5)

After a while everyone left, one by one. It was a nice afternoon with my new family.

family gettogether (1)

My brother leaving for Sydney

Almost 10 days ago, my brothers along with my SIL and nephew have left for Sydney. It was a very sad moment for my parents as they were so attached to their adorable grandson.

my brother leaving (1)

It is a custom in Nepal to put tika as blessings before anyone leaves home. So my mum prepared and put tika and sagun in the morning.

my brother leaving (2)

my brother leaving (4)

On the way out, my brother and SIL put coins on the pitcher on either side of the door. It is believed to bring good luck during the journey.

my brother leaving

At the airport, my mum couldn’t help it and she cried. It was really sad to see her so sad. I am hoping they will visit us in Oz soon.

Visit to Pokhara

I went on a road trip to one of the beautiful cities of Nepal, Pokhara, with AS and his parents. We had a great time there and I will sure post the details soon. For now I am sharing some amazing photos from there.

Pokhara (1)pokhara Pokhara (8) Pokhara (5) Pokhara (4) Pokhara (3) Pokhara (2)

Pokhara (6)

Pokhara (7)

AS leaving for Sydney

As I mentioned before, I have extended my holiday by 2 weeks but AS has no holiday left. So he left for Sydney 2 days ago.

AS leaving (2)

On the day of his flight, like my mum, my MIL gave tika and sagun to him. On the way out, he put coins on the pitcher on either side of the door.

AS leaving (3)

Time went too quick at the airport and before I knew it he was on the plane to Oz and I was there with my in-laws and dad coming back home.

AS leaving (1)

I was happy to stay in Kathmandu but without him I am kind of lost these days. I am so attached with him that I feel lonely among millions of people here.

One of the reasons I extended my holiday was to spend these two weeks with my family as the last 4 weeks I was staying at my new home with AS so I couldn’t spend a lot of time with my mum and dad. So now I am at my parents’ home with them. I am really happy about it and we have already spent lots of quality time together but at the same time in some corner of my heart, I wished AS was with me here.

He has already reached Sydney safely and I will be seeing him in 16 days.

Till my next post, take care everyone.

First look at the full Prabal Gurung for Target collection

If you are waiting as eagerly as I am for Prabal Gurung for Target collection, I am sharing  the preview of some pieces that are featured on website. For details and price please click here. Can’t wait till February 10 !!!

The collection is inspired by a girl’s journey through the different stages of love and the clothes she wears during each milestone, from the initial first crush all the way to the engagement.

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