Our Story : Apart again – Part 16

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It felt like our relation had more time with us being apart than together.

After the engagement ceremony, we had only a few days before I was packing my bag to go back to Sydney. I had a job interview in a few days once I landed.

The day I was to leave for Sydney, my mum gave me Sagun and my parents along with my aunts, uncles, cousins and AS came to drop me to the airport. Well, what can I say; airports can be so exciting, yet so sad. Just a month before, I was outside Trivbhuvan International airport and was so excited when AS was coming out of those gates and then it was that day I was outside the same airport and I was so sad.

It was so hard for me to leave the country this time as I felt I hadn’t spent enough time with my parents and AS. There were so many things incomplete on my list but I had no choice but to leave.

It was such a sad day when I left Kathmandu. I lingered outside the airport longer than usual talking to my parents and AS. I looked into AS’s eyes and I could see that he was sad as well because we didn’t have enough time together. We wanted to but the circumstances were not on our side. When I entered the airport door for departure, my heart was very heavy. I didn’t turn around and look back because I knew my mum would have tears on her eyes and it would be very hard for me to control my emotions.

The long walk to the check-in counter, the look in their eyes, my feelings, their feelings, so many things combined, then, the moment of truth… saying good-bye one last time through the glass doors before taking the escalator to go to upper level.

Lots of feelings, emotions, and thoughts came to my mind.Questions like what next? When I am going to see AS again? What’s gonna happen with the job? Etc. I had to remind myself that it is not going to be for 10 years this time.

By the time I reached Singapore airport, I was tried and couldn’t wait to find a Wi-Fi hotspot so I could talk to my parents and AS. First I called my parents to tell them that I had reached Singapore safely and would talk to them soon after I land in Sydney. Then I called AS and he came on Skype.

Me: I miss you already

AS: I know baby but we will be together soon.

Me: I am not sure if I made the right decision coming back to Sydney so soon.

AS: I am sure you did love. We will be fine.

Me: Ohoo I hope so. I better get that job …

AS: You will. I am sure

Me: I am not so sure but hope you are right. I love you AS

AS:I love you too baby. Now cheer up. You will do great

Despite AS’s assurance, I had my doubts.

Anyway we talked for a while until it was time for me to board the plane. I was glad he was there during the transit so I was not lonely.

The flight from Singapore to Sydney was long and tiring. Normally I don’t mind flying but I was not in a very high spirit. I tried to watch as many movies as possible and not to think at all.

Once I was back in Sydney, life was back to normal again with Skype keeping us together. Now it was harder to be apart as the relation was new and we both wanted to spend more time together. We tried our best to talk as much as possible as AS was on holiday, it helped a lot. I have to admit he woke up early or stayed awake just to talk to me for a few minutes sometimes. As I was back to work, he managed according to my timetable and I am very grateful for his understanding.

Finally, the day for my job interview came. I was a bit nervous about it but made sure I dressed well for the first impression. They hadn’t seen me yet as my first interview was over the phone.

I wore a white shirt, black skirt with black shoes. I bought a new jacket and made sure I looked professional. When I reached the office, there were 3 people in the interview panel.

I think I was there for 20 minutes and they all asked different questions. I answered best to my knowledge and I thought the interview went well. It took a week for them to get back with the result and I was so glad that I finally got the job. I was to start the next month.

Getting the job definitively made it worth for me to travel back to Sydney but that also meant that I won’t be able to go back to Nepal for 6 months or more. My parents and AS were happy that the outcome was positive and all was good at the end.

Now I had to finalised my old job and get ready for the new one. I made sure there were few weeks off in between so I could rest and start fresh.

In the meantime, AS finished his holiday in Nepal and left for India to continue working there. As we didn’t have a definitive plan, he thought it was a good idea for him to keep working but he decided not to go to US yet. All these uncertainties meant we might be apart for a few months or a whole year; who knew at that time.

While Skyping one day, I came up with a brilliant idea to meet again. It would be 2 months by then that I had seen AS so I suggested we should take a holiday together in Thailand. AS was on board with the idea so we booked our tickets and hotels. I am sure it might have need some convincing in AS’s job for him to take another holiday so soon but it was going to be for 10 days long only.

I was excited again because I knew that I was going to see him soon. In the meantime AS decided to move to Australia to be with me instead of going back to the US. I told him that if things didn’t work out here then I would be happy to move to US in the future. Also as I got a new job it seemed liked a good solution.

So the visa process to come to Sydney was started while I was day dreaming and counting days to meet him in Bangkok.

Will write more soon. Please come back for more.

Till then, take care.


M from nepaliaustralian

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21 responses to “Our Story : Apart again – Part 16

  1. This is like a good book. I can’t put it down

  2. What a mixture of emotions… new job, moving, separation.

  3. Hi M I am now up to date 🙂

  4. Hi M I have read Part 1 so I have a lot of catching up to do. Hope to get up to date soon.

  5. Moral of the story. When your significant other (even a to-be one) assures you about something, rest assured it will be done!

  6. im so glad you got the job 🙂 cant wait to find out more

  7. You always stop at the most interesting part. Can’t wait for more… 🙂

  8. I’m a follower of your love story di 🙂 ♥

  9. it is such a sweet story that you share about you and your love

  10. Very well written M, looking forward to find out what happens next 🙂

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